Whiplash Statistics

UK Whiplash Statistics Raging

The UK is considered to be the largest whiplash center in Europe as of 2014: according to the statistics, the number of whiplash cases equals 45,000 per month (including no win no fee cases), while the nature of injuries is characterised by minor effect. In concordance with a report published by Association of British Insurers, the whiplash industry is estimated at 2 billion pounds.

The authorities are concerned about the increasing numbers of claims and their value that ranges between £10 – £25k, so it is believed that regulating the fee amount a solicitor can earn in minor injury claim case will make the legal services more affordable as strike deeply at speculative nature of health and safety compensation claims. There is articles with more of applicative information about no win no fee cases from the legal guide in UK – Solicitors Guru website. The fact should be underlined the new fee amount restriction of £1,200 is a part of a large complex of measures on legislation improvement.

In addition, Red Tape Challenge point of reference on current health and safety legal system has been included in the review carried out by Lofstedt. The senior officials considered the comments to be fairly reasonable and spoke for accelerating the Red Tap Challenge process.

Mentioned below are the key statements from the review provided by Loftstedt:

Carry out an exemption of 1 million self-employed individuals from safety due to absence of potential harm risks to other groups

  • HSE is eligible to reconsider the codes of its practice and suggest the necessary adjustments
  • A motor insurance price has experienced a 17% rise and equals £410 on average
  • HSE is eligible to initiate health & safety inspections to guarantee reasonable and well-targeted approaches to the workstations characterised by increased risks

It is admitted that the effort is not aimed at making major injuries claims (e.g. head injury claims or brain injury claims) submission more complicated, but to reduce the number of whiplash cases.


Whiplash Statistics