Gambling Houses & Traditions Across Europe

The history of gambling goes back far into the past; the entertainment takes its roots in Greece and Ancient Rome. However, these games are far from being similar to the contemporary gambling plays, though they were significantly different from all the other leisure activities. On the analogy of a Swedish online casino hub, Svenskkasinon, the article covers the most prominent brick and mortar gambling spots of the old good Europe.

The history of casinos in Europe begins with 1387, when the first gambling establishments emerged and formed themselves as the prototypes of modern casinos. Apart from gambling fun, the pioneering clubs they also offered theatrical performances and banquets. However, the Church considered gambling established to be a spawn of evil, therefore all the casinos were outlawed by the 17th century.

Officially, casinos in Europe started to operate since 1765, and the first country that decided to get out of the shadow was Switzerland. However, besides gambling, the first legal entertainment venues included features of restaurants and hotels. Read More

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