How clinical negligence has changed since the 90’s

Professional activities of health workers are characterised by an increased risk. On the one hand, health care workers at risk of their own health and life, on the other – there is a risk of adverse outcome of medical care for the patient (defective medical assistance). In the process of patient care doctor takes on both moral and legal responsibility for the quality and impact of her actions. The most negative outcomes of treatment are likely to end with a complaint or a lawsuit if there’s an evidence or assumption of medical errors, illegal acts or negligence on the doctor’s side.

The relations between health professionals and patients have a certain degree of duality and contradictions. On the one hand, health care workers must protect the interests of patients, but on the other – they need to be protected from the patient, especially in cases of defect rendering, complaint or legal action. This contradiction in all civilised countries are the inevitable companions of modern medicine, new technologies and growth of legal consciousness of the patient.

In connection with the formation of civil relations between producer and consumer of medical services there is legal  liability for adverse outcomes – the damage caused to health. A doctor carrying out her professional activities, are constantly at risk of being subjected to such sanctions. This is due to the fact that advances in medical science have led to an unsustainable growth expectations, which puts people at the doctor, as well as significant complications of medical technologies. The cases of allergic reactions are less predictable, and the very use of instrumental methods of diagnosis sometimes presents a potential danger to the health of the patient. In addition, the expanded awareness of the rights results into increased demands as for complying with the provisions of the medical and human ethics in medicine personnel.

International statistics and financial losses

The proportion of defect rendering against the background of medical errors is pretty huge. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, as a result of preventable medical errors in US hospitals each year are from 44 to 98 thousand people are killed (the independent sources mention 440.000 of lethal outcomes), and this indicator in either event is rated 8th in the list of the leading causes of death. However, the report only took into account all recognised (proven) adverse consequences of erroneous interventions that have occurred accidentally or unintentionally, and resulted in death. In fact, medical errors occur much more frequently. Targeted research in US hospitals shows that adverse events occur in 10% of patients. In the United States alone from 1991 to 1994 the number of lawsuits by patients on medical errors has doubled and amounted to 800 thousand annually. In the UK, according to, a prominent legal startup gaining momentum at a rapid speed, the number of successful medical negligence solicitors cases has doubled since 2003.

In the US, the annual number of complaints received on doctors was 0.2 for every 100 doctors in 1985, 6.4 – in 1988, 14.4 – in 1994, while in Canada in 1994, one out of every 27 doctor was involved in accountability, and for the past 10 years, this figure has been relatively stable.

Forster Dean Professional Consultations: Accident Claims

I’ve moved to Northern England from Slovenia a few of months ago, my English is far from being perfect. I’m employed at a factory and work as a general worker and unfortunately I’ve suffered a bad accident. While performing my duties in the stock house, I fell from the ladder, which was I suppose accidently moved by the automatic fitting mechanism. As a result I was diagnosed a mild concussion and a back injury, so I’m unable to go for my shifts now. I’ve got little money and the only support at the moment is my family. The cost of living is pretty high and it is tough to make both ends meet. However, a colleague from Poland told me there may be a chance to get compensated. After all, I was never offered to use a helmet and the fitting mechanism could have been broken not through no fault of mine. Finally, I’m concerned about my poor legal language skills. Please, help me out – your advice is highly appreciated.

Best regards, Tomcak Radovan.

Forster Dean reps advising

Dear Mr. Radovan, at Forster Dean we take care of accident claims virtually identical to yours on a constant basis. Sadly, but similar incidents occur quite frequently, though the fact should be underlined that the odds to get a legal compensation are pretty good in a better part of cases. Thus, if you’ve suffered an injury that incurred financial losses, including both lost earnings and treatment expenses, through the fault of 3rd party, you should certainly take advantage of no win no fee legal assistance, taking into account the complicated financial situation. However, first of all you should preserve an equal mind: sign any accident-related documents knowingly, be sure that you understand the content to the full extent. Alternatively, request the translation or submit a motivated refuse that would be attached to the case later.

Cooperating with witnesses is a wise step to increase the chances of a positive outcome – get in touch with individuals and ask for help in terms of paperwork and giving a testimony. This way or the other, it is highly likely that the Personal Injury lawyer is the most reasonable option. In England, finding truly professional legal assistance services provider is a relatively easy mission. Consider the opportunity of working with Forster Dean, a reputable agency with 29 offices across the country. Mentioned below is the list of Forster Dean agencies, offering ‘no win no fee’ services.
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As stated above, the chances that our seasoned lawyers will recover the compensation from the insurance company are good enough. There is also a chance that an employee with proficiency in your native language will assist you with the case, make sure that you mention the requirement when submitting a form and notifying our staff. Our solicitors will take all the legal drudgery upon themselves, while your mission would be narrowed to giving fair and precise answers to the questions. For further details on such option as no win no fee concept of agreements go to above-mentioned legal website.

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Whiplash Statistics

UK Whiplash Statistics Raging

The UK is considered to be the largest whiplash center in Europe as of 2014: according to the statistics, the number of whiplash cases equals 45,000 per month (including no win no fee cases), while the nature of injuries is characterised by minor effect. In concordance with a report published by Association of British Insurers, the whiplash industry is estimated at 2 billion pounds.

The authorities are concerned about the increasing numbers of claims and their value that ranges between £10 – £25k, so it is believed that regulating the fee amount a solicitor can earn in minor injury claim case will make the legal services more affordable as strike deeply at speculative nature of health and safety compensation claims. There is articles with more of applicative information about no win no fee cases from the legal guide in UK – Solicitors Guru website. The fact should be underlined the new fee amount restriction of £1,200 is a part of a large complex of measures on legislation improvement.

In addition, Red Tape Challenge point of reference on current health and safety legal system has been included in the review carried out by Lofstedt. The senior officials considered the comments to be fairly reasonable and spoke for accelerating the Red Tap Challenge process.

Mentioned below are the key statements from the review provided by Loftstedt:

Carry out an exemption of 1 million self-employed individuals from safety due to absence of potential harm risks to other groups

  • HSE is eligible to reconsider the codes of its practice and suggest the necessary adjustments
  • A motor insurance price has experienced a 17% rise and equals £410 on average
  • HSE is eligible to initiate health & safety inspections to guarantee reasonable and well-targeted approaches to the workstations characterised by increased risks

It is admitted that the effort is not aimed at making major injuries claims (e.g. head injury claims or brain injury claims) submission more complicated, but to reduce the number of whiplash cases.


Whiplash Statistics