A New Word In VOC Removal Industry

The patent bank has recently been replenished with a new patent request. The invention relates to the field of chemistry, and in particular to devices designed for cleaning the ozone catalytic industrial gas emissions (yet the idea is implementable in odour control systems). The invention can be used in chemical, engineering and a range of other industries. The inventive device carries a catalytic reactor, with the catalyst and several layers with a free space therebetween, valves with nozzles supplying ozone-air mixture located in the free space between the catalyst beds, the regenerative heat exchangers arranged along the gas before and after the catalyst layers, and a switching device for changing the direction of feed gas to be purified by reversed.

The invention is related to voc removal area, in particular to a catalytic treatment of industrial gases from the impurity of organic substances. The invention aims at cleaning of gas streams effectively, for example, ventilation gases of huge flow rate and relatively low concentration of organic compounds. For purification of such gaseous emissions ozone-catalytic methods are developed which are effective in oxidizing the organic matter while forming harmless compounds, carbon dioxide and water.

In addition, the inventive device is intended for gas purification from impurities of organic compounds through ozone-catalytic process that can be adopted at chemical, engineering and heavy machinery production industries. The device boasts reasonable dimensions and relatively easy installation (thus, the construction needs no reinforcement or bund walls).

The device promises a reliable and efficient purifying of high velocity gas streams, including wet impurities from organic substances, in particular in the case of frequent and abrupt fluctuations of impurity concentrations of organic substances, which is particularly important in the purification of industrial waste gases.