General Instructions For Applying Polyshield

To improve adhesion significantly, Polyshield must be applied to clean, dry and solid surface that contains no loose particles or other 3rd party substances. Laying undercoat may be needed to prepare the ground properly. To guarantee proper results, consulting a technical specialist for specific recommendations on the choice of undercoating and substrate preparation procedure may be required.

Polyshield can be sprayed in a wide range of ambient temperatures and types of surfaces; thus, it may be used in residential structures roof waterproofing, mining facilities roof coating and etc. The restrictions are predominantly applied to equipment and its deposition parameters to ensure a certain pressure and temperature. The material is recommended to be sprayed in all directions (north-south/east-west) to provide uniform thickness.

Polyshield applying equipment

Polyshield is sprayed via two-component nebulizers, the appliances with accurate dosing of A and B components in the mixing ratio of 1:1 that provide minimum dynamic pressure of 2000 psi (13.9 mpa) with components heating to 175°F (79°C). Mentioned further are the systems utilised by the professional Polyshield coating firms: REACTOR E-XP1, REACTOR E-XP2, REACTOR H-XP2, REACTOR E-XP3 by GRACO company with working pressure of 17.2 to 24.0 MPa, capacities from 3.8 to 9.5 l/min and radiator/engine capacity from 10.2 to 20.4 kW. A true to type installation represents a complex comprised of a dispenser compressor, feed pump, high pressure spray gun and a recirculation system .

The components are recommended to be heated up to 160-170°F (71-76°C) approximately. The temperature of the hoses should not exceed 160-170°F (71-76 ° C), while the hoses thermometer, mounted near the gun, should reflect the minimum temperature of 145-155°F (63-68°C).

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