Graphene: The Latest Advances

Both graphene companies, like 2-DTECH, promoting the numerous graphene uses, and researchers, like a Swiss-based EMPA, digging deep to discover new properties of the material, are grinding away to make another industrial revolution happen sooner than expected.

Thus, a group of savvy Australian and Irish scientists led by Gordon Wallace of Wollongong University, located in Australia, have managed to create grahene fibers, boasting record capacity ever achieved with graphene-based fibers.

he materials with similar capacity can be used as a supercapacitors, as their ability to accumulate electrons allows storing substantial amounts of energy which can be quickly applied, if necessary.

To produce graphene fibers a wet spinning method is used, which allows obtaining porous, yet extremely strong fibers of virtually any length. The fiber is made of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide, and the capacity of devices created using this fiber type is more than one and a half times higher than the previous record. However, according to calculations provided, the numbers can experience further growth. Read More